My name is Stephen Peroni, and I am starting my 4th year of Teaching at North Shore High School.  As a physics teacher, my primary motivation is for students to think for themselves.  Everything I do in class is to allow students to become self-reliant learners. I truly believe in students reaching their own understandings of physics and the world around them.  After 11 years of memorization and regurgitation of ‘knowledge’, students are in need of truly authentic learning experiences.

As a means to achieve these goals, I practice the Modeling Method for teaching physics.  I took modeling workshops after my first and second years of teaching, and haven’t looked back. Also, I am starting to delve into Standard-Based Grading as I have trouble sleeping at night after I give a student a 87 on a test and have no idea what that means.

I am a member of:

  • AAPT – American Association of Physics Teachers
  • AMTA – American Modeling Teachers Association
  • STANYS – Science Teachers Association of New York State
  • LIPTA – Long Island Physics Teachers Association
Class website:

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